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Rotogravure Printing Machine

rotogravure printing machineWe are having a wide range of #Rotogravure Printing Machine in India. Friends Engineering Corporation is one of the best exporter of all printing machines in india.

Rotogravure Printing Machine is used for commercial printing of magazines, postcards, and cardboard and other product packaging. Friends Engineering Corporation is the best manufacturer & exporter of Rotogravure Printing Machine in India.

Technical Specifications:
• Kind or Web: Films, All FOils, Paper etc.
• No. of Colours: 1 to 10 colours. Max. Web Width: 1575mm
• Max. Working Width: 1525mm
• Max. Printing Speed: Up to 120n/min. (depending on material, ink quality and cylinder diameter)
• Printing Repeat Cylinder: 320mm to 650mm
• Unwinding Reel dia: 800mm
• Rewinding Reel dia: 450mm

• Drying System: Electric Heaters & Hot Air • Main Drive: DC Electric Motor & Control Panel.
• Drying Chamber Heating Load: 7kw. Each station.
• Auto Tension Control: Optional.
• Web Guide System: Optional.
• Ink Circulation Pump System: Optional.
• Reverse Printing System: Optional.
• Pressure Roller Pneumatic System: Optional.
• Thermal Fluid Heating System: Optional.
• Impression system is controlled by pneumatic pressure or manually.
• Doctor Blade is adjusted by pnematic pressure or manually.
• Control of longitudinal registration by electric motorised system and manually. Lateral registration by sliding printing cylinder operated manually.
• Air nozzle covered drying chamber complete with sealed heaters, blower and exhaust system.
• All units are with reversible facility.
• Wrinkle removing aluminium web rollers are dynamically balanced.
• Quick change over system for impression rubber roller, printing cylinder and doctor blade.

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